remote-starter installations
NEW FOR 2010

Exclusive installer of Remote Starters for the Smart Key Push-Button-Start on the 2010 Range Rover.

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Audio Upgrades

Performance Electronics - CD Player

Audiophile sound systems are like fine wine, if you can't taste the difference, don't spend the money.

For many years, this would have been my largest category. High end cars had mediocre stereo systems.  There was no selling involved, customers were begging for improvements.

Times have changed. I will not argue with those of you that are perfectly happy with the stock sound system.  Many of them are excellent, and music may not even be a priority for you in the car.  However for those that appreciate every nuance of a true audiophile system, improvements are infinite.

Of all the products on this website, audio will bring out the argumentative tendencies in anyone that knows what they are talking about.  We can go around and around and still disagree as to what sounds best . . . is there one perfect bottle of wine?  But, I do have my own opinion and like to stay with a streamlined offering.  Is it the only choice?  No, but it is what I believe in and offer.

BMW Custom Audio Installed by Performance ElectronicsFor years I only carried a/d/s/ amplifiers and speakers, those of you who remember, they were one of the pioneers of high-end car audio.  When they ceased, it took some time experimenting to find the replacement and it required two companies: Genesis and Morel.  After years of using their products together, the two companies have merged, so just maybe I was on the right track.

In all new high end cars, there is no radio to replace, it is integrated as part of the entire dashboard experience.  So, compared to years past, the "source", including satellite radio, iPod, etc., stays intact. The work starts at reprocessing the signal, exquisitely amplifying it, to then playing it through spectacular speakers.

The vehicle obviously plays a major role in what will fit. From there we can design a system together, based on your listening expectations and budget. Average upgrades range from $6,000-$20,000.



Range Rover 2010 Remote Start for Push Button Start